(In honor to the great Wole Soyinka Abiku)


in vain your bangles cast. tell the Caucasian medicine man, I weep not for his chants. to his gods of rivers or the mother earth, nor his sacrifice of white cocks and cowries. for all this holds me not captive. for I am Abiku, the countless visitor.

So when the hot blade is burnt in the blazing fire, and the lips of the burning blade, brands me. Deeply on the breast. You will know him. When Abiku calls again

I'm the squirrel teeth, cracked. the child who's chest is branded with an expiry date. for I love when it's dusk, and the candles are lit. before ere stir the dawn, I depart. for i leave the embrace of my mother's arms, to seek asylum into the bosom of wandering souls. like the chicken that scatters the earth I delight. and requiem songs from their mouth, I love.

Once and the repeated time, ageless, for though my skin is festooned with the blackness of fire, and seven marks runs in the walls of my face. i will always be the unwanted visitor.

The ground is wet in mourning. like rags soaked of wiping the wet ground, mourning mother's wrappers are soaked from tears of sorrow for mourning their child. the spider triumph were the elephant trembles.

Mother's! I will be the snake coiled on your doorstep, yours the killing cry. for am the vicious cycle of rebirth. though my name changes because of my inconsistent stays. I will visit and depart again. for I'm Abiku the child who does not last.