Apeke be the love of my life.
Apeke be the one I would call my wife.
Apeke let me be your man,
For you would be my woman.

Your love is what I have longed for,
Our love is what I prayed for.
Your love rolls in my heart,
It shook me like Olopa with no hat.

Apeke let me go astray in your thoughts for all I have is yours,
You run through my mind,
Like Olusare who heard the gun.

Apeke tell me you are the love of my life,
And see my wonders.
Tell me we will forever be together,
Tell me you will bear me offsprings,
And see my love flow like spring.

Apeke mi owon, omo to tutu bi adaba.
Take me as ade-ori,
For I shall take you as olori.