The true life story began in Nigeria from when he
was seven. Having been born into a polygamous Ehugbo family stock that
practices a matrilineal system of inheritance, the ambitious Igbo boy
left home for Southern Cameroun with a maternal uncle in search for a
greener pasture. This search would finally see him dwelling in various
settings and across many seas far from home.

The story bespoke of major prophecies that came to pass to shape the
boy’s life. It spoke of Africa and of Europe, of several languages,
cultures, religions, politics and isms. It told of reincarnation,
metaphysics and the history of the boy’s people including the abuses
suffered by him until his conscription as a barely armed, poorly
trained child soldier fighting on the frontlines of the Nigeria-Biafra
civil war. It spoke of the remote and immediate causes of that war and
its long term consequences on the people and gave exciting accounts of
the experience: the fight, the escapes, and an eventual surrender.

The book described many successes and of an exceptionally gifted child
who loved education and excelled in all he did. A boy saved from
perilous war circumstances to become orderly to a General, the
second-in-command of Biafra. A lucky boy; winner of lotteries,
opportunities and support that saw him through life itself and its
many hurdles.

The story came with fantasy and romance; detailing a childish romance
with Rose Mukete in Cameroun; the youthful meeting and falling in love
with Grace Jombo, and of the inter-racial marriage in Bulgaria to
Vanya Dimitrova and of the family they built together.

The boy soon became a man and achieved a career in the academics and
in the private sector. He became a community leader on many fronts: in
activism and in politics. The story also brought to light the many
rots in the ivory tower, and the spiritual powers inherent in man.

Not only was I engrossed with “The General’s Orderly … An
Autobiography of a Biafran Soldier” by Arua Okereke, I found myself
out rightly seduced by the way the gifted writer played with words in
the 436-page, 17-chapter book published by LifeRich; and how he
finally wove them all together with spices of poetry and adventure to
achieve an authoritative masterpiece. Indeed, as a creative
engineering expert and professor of construction technology, Arua
‘Patrick’ Okereke must have brought in his keen eye for art and
specific details to birth a beautiful book that is not just worth
reading but captivating to the very last page. You can order a copy
from like I did.