Celebration of Pain and Agony October 1st 2018

Are we truly due for Celebration or we need divine Intervention in Nigeria?

(Before Colony) The evolution of a baby Psychologicaly it starts, With crawling and staggering. Later she stands and begin to walk

Enjoyments and fun took over Happiness and excitement took control Oppressors don't have courage To withstand the ability of oppressed

(During Colony) A paralysed storm strikes the child Life became hurdled for her Unbearable, horrible and shitole And never she found her feet on ground.

Chained, caged and prisoned Bitterly tortured and beaten up Neither she had will to be rescued Nor had an audacity to flee

(After Colony) Many monsoons till decades The arrival of Messiahs later occurred They fought to free her from slavery Where they encounter hardship disarray

Now that it has come (liberation) Cloths fits Man and Woman Birds were happily rested in the nests Jubilations Over-rides every jungle But the scratch on the skin never fade

(Since then) What a nation! Where: The space of intellectuals is filled With bandits, thieves and looters Diverging national cakes to their needs Without having mercy on masses.

What an empire! Where: Kidnappings, attachings, and bombings Had become the common headlines Anti-bribbery as proclaimed turns wolf No more prevalence of truth but trash

What a country! Where: Truth becomes stranger and visitor Falsehood trends virally and drastically Education building has eventually collapsed Masses life keeps reducing and decreasing Due to bad roads, Hunger and violence

Defections are everywhere! Political instability is of popular demand Market value has buried somewhere Judgemental settings had scattered No more Prevailing and reliable justice

Election is no more to determine The masses choice but impositions It becomes dirty due to do or die affairs Hoodlums, thugs and herdsmen's attack Had become the biggest threat to the nation.

Now! She is 58 years of age With no or less huge acheivements Although! In criminality she chaired Restoration lies only in GOD's hand Your(God) intervention is fully needed

Written by 
Abdulrouf Wasiu Ibn Rouf ©2018