Our fathers called us into their chambers
To advise us to drink with caution the wine which the whites had brought.

We tasted this wine with our eyes widely opened, and it's sweetness refreshed us
We closed our eyes forgetting the advise of old.
We asked, “what is the name of this sweetened wine that has filled our mouths with praises”
“Civilisation” the men with white skin answered

With time it had undergone secondary fermentation and become alcoholic
Like a palm wine which has grown yeasts, lactic and acetic acid

Intoxicated by the wine, we now speak in tongues
We now speak words our fathers never heard
“marriage is not an achievement” we shout at top of our voice
“we must taste him before marriage” the humans with breasts now sings

Civilisation now wears a G-string and walks around with an open chest
Luring men with her words of deceit and laying with them
At first she birthed good seeds, but now she's bringing forth children whose aim is to destroy our culture and morals
She's pregnant with a child, a child we shall call “childism” when delivered
Her recent child has grown so mighty that it holds harmless traditions like “bride price” in it's scrotum

Civilisation has forced naked truths to put on garments and hide from the world for we no longer acknowledge her nakedness.
Like the biblical wisdom, moral calls in the market place but she's different from wisdom, she has been stabbed and left to cry alone.

The song which we know about the two black birds, named Peter and Paul has become
There are two black birds sitting on a tree, one named Civilisation, one named Moral, come civilisation fly away moral.

He who has ears, let him ear, and he who has eyes let him see the message passed in this poem.