Voice of the youths

After being broke loose from the caged era, things were auguring well and perfect at least to some extent the rain of peace fell on us.
When the Lord decided to  fall on us exorbitant rain of peace that could make an ocean to encircle us which we could drink from to have an eternal bliss, a blot came from the blue which was caused by those who found themselves in the position of authority using their power and privilege to thwart the law and derelict the citizens by lining their coats and pockets at the expense of the mass who are taxpayers.
  In the hilarious circle of their act, they are yet satisfied with that, they ride on to an awful road of taking advantage of the nation's hope.  Our cries are not heard by their loud coarse laughter,  who will then hear our cry?

 Fellow youths, let be conjunctive, in jointed arms in revenge against the debilitating acts of those who call themselves our LEADERS...


You and your siblings are fathers
With many wives and children
You have all it takes to care for all
Yet you decide to remain Jurassic philanders

Sleeping with our women
Including your daughters, unknowingly
For they are many to be known

You sit on our requests,
Sweeping it under the carpet
Preferment is done by the latter and affection

You own all nine yards at your fingertips
Your axes you love to grind

Now you contact deadly diseases
Which has diffused to your wives,
Offsprings and the nation's hope
The light of hope is fading

If you are freed from the gaol of these diseases,
And still want to be the father
You have to come with condoms

We never want unwanted pregnancy
When you strike our Ocean with your staffs
We strike back washing away the strokes
With the powerful wavelength of the our seas

When next you come again
To satisfy your Raven staffs
We have got spermicide
To kill your production organs

This time we remain holy mary
With faithful children
Then all you hoard can satisfy us

Paciolo pen saint