Let me start my article by defining what Food means! Food is Love, Without Food human can't survive, except the person is on lent period , for some specific time, you can't perform properly during the absence of food, during fasting you are even restricted to certain things, for a period of time.
In the other way, When there's food for the stomach, There can be much action from the person, without food, there's a problem. A proverb goes like this "An hungry man is an angry man"
Let's now relate it back to the subject of the matter which is "Food Insecurity in Africa" This is a ticking time bomb, which will blow one day, Africans must start realising that Africans will feed Africa and build Africa. Africa have high children malnutrition, it's targeted to get to 30% by 2020.

Transforming Africa Nations by creating Food Security and Food  Abundance with the availability of our fertile land should be the main focus to help our nation, It's painful that So many Africa countries have lost focus  , The price of food in some  parts in Africa is 2 times prices of some place where they don't have fertile land like us, Look at the Country like The Netherlands,with such young population being one of the top most exporter of  Food in African. Africans rely on foreign aids for food, It's a thing of shame, We export Food from Asia , Europe and Other countries to feed ourselves. We are not tapping the Goldmine we have, China was built by Chinese through technology and other modern techniques, Africa should also develop itself with what it have and knows about by creating Role Models in Substantial Fields, Educating an African Child the possibility he can achieve in his community or nation without going through Mediterranean Sea , Government Collaboration and Youth Inclusion and Granting of Loans, Grants and Farming Equipments to Farmers.
We Must showcasing the world,  what we are capable of,  that we are able to feed ourselves and build up Our ourselves.
We have to take Agriculture to next level in Africa.
Let's Us Agree that in some part of Africa, The government is a total failure. I think we as a nation, Seeing forth our Development and Securing Our Food is one of the major thing.
Our Young Ones are going to Join Football Academy,  Health Colleges, Entertainment Industry  and other institution,  They saw people who have succeeded in the sector before and they are replicating their footprint in order for them to become a successfun person. They are sustaining and prolonging the sector, they are directly involved.

We must start producing the "ROLE MODEL" In the Agriculture Sector. We need people who are in love with Agriculture,  People who studied them with passion and not without choice  in the colleges,  Universities to replicate and sustain the sector.
Agriculturally Musing.

Written by 
Yakubu Jimoh John
Blogger, Agric info