My sadness became agitated
Tears rolled down my Jurassic face
When she told me how she felt aftermath and lonely
With blood advertising it color on her tough cute face

And she said,  I cried :
About the tortuous and harrowing experience she faced

About how she bemoaned the precarious nightmares she had

How she beckoned on death as a relief to sue her heart

How she felt comatose and saw her abode in hell

How she languished alone until she became it inhabitant

How her gaunt  physique like one with AIDS

How worms flaunted her ropy intestines, how flies soared above her sore pores

How she laughed, a coarse laughter

How the sun smashed her body and the moon bores her all night

How she acted grouchy about the debilitating acts of the interlopers and government

How she saw life a contra entry

Good peace chained
Good justice strangled
And she saw unripe death

Paciolo pen saint