The Igbo tribe of the Eastern region of Nigeria are an ingenious ethnic group, and are known for their rich culture and traditions, high business acumen and industrious savvy. The eastern region which they dwell also houses one of the major economic, commerce, industry, and education hub in West Africa (arguably, the entire Africa.) called “Onitsha”. Also, in Nigeria they dominate the commercial hub running upwards of thirty five percent (35%) of small business enterprise in the country.

Today, I'm not here to tell you much about the Igbo tribe but to showcase the Igbo traditional wedding pictures.

The images below shows beautiful Igbo brides looking for their grooms while being distracted by the invitees. The cup in their hands (traditionally called Iko) is filled with palm wine which was filled by their fathers. Traditionally the groom hides in between the guests, when found by his lovely bride it shows that the wife can identify her husband. It is a custom for the bride to look for her husband to be.

This image shows when the groom has been found by his beautiful bride, she sips from the Iko (cup) and gives her husband to be to drink. After he sips, they are traditionally married.

After this, the newly wedded Igbo couples are given an opportunity to dance, while the guests wish the couples prosperity by throwing money around them or putting bills on their forehead. Most tribes in Nigeria see the throwing of money as a “waste”, but the Igbo tribes doesn't believe such, the Igbo tribe throws money and steps on it (those who truly know the tradition), by stepping on it, it means that money is “nothing”.
The pictures below shows newly wedded Igbo couples dancing.  

The Igbo bride traditional dressing style has transformed into two, which I'll call.
•The modern Igbo bride style
•The traditional Igbo bride style
See images of differences.

The modern Igbo bride style

The traditional Igbo bride style

The Igbo groom aren't left out, traditional wedding  photos of Igbo grooms

Bonus pictures of igbo traditional wedding pictures 

This was written for the discovering africa initiative.
Written by : Isaac Somto