Mama Africa, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Somalia. Mama Africa, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Tunisia Saudi Arabia.

Africa, a continent that I adore, a continent that we call home. a land where nature planted a kiss, a kiss of enormous mineral wealth: of oil, acres and hectares of green fields, filled with fertile soil, which stomach have so much to yield.

Mama Africa, beautiful Africa. a woman that we pride in. for in you are beautiful rainforests, home of thousands of creatures, of beautiful coloured birds, that flap their wings and sing so loud and proud of your beauty, to the lovely deserts and sand dunes the never ending mountains, valleys and oceans that whoosh and caress the earth. the wildlife and distinct nature.

Africa, home of the black soul, souls of ancient cultures, cultures of beautiful tribes.

People from oceans across have heard stories about you, stories of your sweet melodious indigenous songs, from your ageless minstrels, mixing with the high beat of your talking drums and royal trumpeters, with the swinging of your cursive hips like a pendulum bulb.

They have heard of your many children. the virtues of your virtuous black and beautiful women, and the strength. strength given by the gods which is bestowed on your young men.

They have heard of your gods, moonlight stories told by our grandmothers under the tree. their strength, their wars and victories. your gods of the sky and of the mother earth, your gods of the hills and of the rivers.

But in all your glories and wealth, are you like an old man in poor health. for in you are vast poverty stricken countries, ruled by corrupt governments and authorities, that leave us with empty promises and no apologies.

Your beautiful lands are painted with red, red the color of blood. it flows like if plagued like the River Nile of Egypt filled with blood. bloods of mothers, fathers, and children. for there is no peace in our heart, for as we sleep, we sleep with one eye closed, hearts filled with endless worries.

Hunger dwells in your land, a land that is suppose to be like a pregnant woman but now our bellies rumbles because of starvation, for polytrickians have left the land not to yield any plantation leaving us with a hungry population.

Young kids with beautiful dreams and imagination, but because of poverty grow up with little or no education.

In circumstances of poor and troubled situation, we are left with no water or proper sanitation, therefore Illness and diseases have spread within the land leaving all helpless, with limited assistance and medical access.

But you O Mama Africa! are loved by one and all. for many of us who still believe will live, our faith is forever immense. for along with your weakness I stand with thee! along with your greatness I adore thee! along with your troubles I still love thee!

For you Africa is young and strong you're like the beautiful tree alone, amidst the tall trees and dry leaves, springing up patiently, obstinately, whose fruit bit by bit grows into fresh-fleshed fruits.

Marve inspired