Many have painted distress, Some, a navy in a pink dress, Some a caged princess, Each a message of how they feel, Some from wounds that fail to heal

But I'm painting my independence, ..a little different, A green of strength not weakness, A message of hope to the little ones, To the future generations

Green is beautiful, Black isn't a curse on you, You country isn't terrible, Destiny lays in your hands, Your Future isn't in the darks

Let not the smoke cloud your eyes, Let not the news make you cry, Deep inside, we are bound to fly,. Years out of bondage, We not stable, but we'd be one day

We were built for toughness, Created to endure hardness, That's why even with all the pains, we remain undivided, Tough times don't continue, Black people do

No other country Nigeria it better than we

Happy freedom day Proudly Nigerian in every way, Proudly black, proudly Grey, Proud, strong and free, Proud white and green! 🇳🇬