shattered (odium)

(Prepations in the Adeola's)
Mrs Tayo Adeola;  joy,celebration, merrying is taking place downstairs in honor of your father's victory and you're here,locked behind your room doors??
Oluwanifemi; mom please... I can't go down there pretending I'm happy,when heaven knows I'm not .And besides that, mom I have something very important to tell you..
Mrs Adeola; Nifemi there's nothing more important than the party going on downstairs..I am sorry but I do not have time for your nonsense...
Oluwanifemi; but mom....
Mrs Adeola; go get dressed and get down now,before I beat the hell out of you!!!
Oluwanifemi; mom if I should leave this room just bear it mind that I'm going out there to poison everyone!!!
Mrs Adeola; (slap's Nifemi)go get dressed and get down now!!!
(Minutes later)
Mr Awodu; ahhhh Nifemi (he exclaims smiling) you have grown soo big and pretty, my dear do not allow all those small_small boys deceive and take advantage of you, your dad is now a big man."Chief Adeola Balogun Ekehinde himself "
Mr Akinyele; omo mi,Ife mi (my baby,my love he called Nifemi smilling)your name should have been Ibuku,in fact your name is Ibuku..(Ibuku means Blessing)
(Nifemi hisses and walked straight to her room)...
Mrs Adeola; Nifemi!!! Nifemi!!! Oluwanifemi Testimony Bolaji!!!(Mrs Adeola called angrily and slapped her)who is teaching you to be this disrespectful?                                                                      You want to kill me before my time abii??                                                                                                Do you want to destroy your father's life and reputation??
Oluwanifemi;  well yes mom!! Yes I want to destroy his life, I will even kill him if possible, I will kill that mr Awodu,and that big headed dirty pot_belled Mr Akinyele!!!                                                                              And I hate you mom...I hate you!! All because you want to be called the wife of a chief you're turning a blind eye to the truth...
Mrs Adeola; what truth?? What truth ehhnnnn Nifemi?? The only truth here is that you have become sooo disrespectful and evil. I will kill you,before you kill me ooo!!
Nifemi; you have killed me already mom...all of you have,and if I don't kill dad or you don't kill me physically, I'll kill myself!!!
Mrs Adeola;kill yourself, kill yourself you fool!!                                                                                                    You have really changed Bolaji...I will get back to you after the party,better stay in your room before you cause more commotion, I Mrs Tayo Adeola,wife of "Chief Adeola Balogun Ekehinde " will not let you ruin my mood..ehnnn Nifemi,hope my make-up is still good and my gele too??
(Nifemi cast's her face away)....
Mrs Adeola; ahhhhh ehennnnnn mtchewwww...(exclaims and hisses)I will get back to you...                    
(Hours later)...
Maid; Jesus Christ!!!
(Maid scream continuously running downstairs)...
Mrs Adeola; what is it you stupid girl?? Why are you shouting, can't you see we have guests???
Maid;  Nifemi!! Nifemi!! Nifemi!! madam Nifemi (she said crying)
Mrs Adeola; why are you crying and why are you calling my daughter's name?? What about Nifemi??
Maid; she's dead....
(Nifemi was confirmed dead after consuming an dosage of Fentanyl,people were left perplexed on why a 15 year old girl with everything would commit suicide. Mrs Adeola was left in a state of turmoil while Mr Adeola was perturbed. An investigation was carried out and while the investigation was going on, a video tape was found in Nifemi's phone)
Content of the video tape; "i was soo happy,just two weeks left to the big day,my dad's installation as Chief, mom was soo excited and happy that she had already travelled  to Lagos,to get items for the party.
Ifemi, Omo mi ( my love,my baby)my dad called as usual... Yes daddy I answered rushing down happily to his room..there I met Mr Awodu my dad's friend and Mr Akinyele my Godfather and dad's best friend,I greeted them warmly and as usual gave my Godfather a big hug but then I noticed his hands on my breast, I quickly pushed him away and looked at my dad,but he casted his face away.
" Adeola come let us do this thing jhorr or you don't want to be Chief again?"
 Said Mr Akinyele..
Do what? I screamed...looking at my dad in his eyes
"Your dad has to lay with you to complete the process of being a Chief ,or don't you know he has rivalries??
Said Mr Awodu...
Dad,daddy !!!... I know you'll not do it,right??  You know we do not need this chieftaincy we're are already rich...daddy I called this time with tears in my eyes,but he didn't answer...
 I tried walking out of his room but,was forcefully pulled back by Mr Akinyele. The door was shut and my clothes ripped off forcefully by both Mr Akinyele and Mr Awodu,my tit were left open,I tried screaming but then Mr Akinyele was already in my mouth... I thought I was hallucinating but it fell down on me that I wasn't when I saw my dad forcing his pintle into my chaste self,he kept stroking in and out of my broken hymen and blood flowing vagina..
Ohhh death take me!!  Please take me!! Take me please... I cried and begged within me and paused,but then I could still hear my heart beat,I then guessed he was out there taking people's lives that did not want him. my eyes closed slowly like a curtain in the theatre as they continued taking turns on a 15 year old.
My name's Oluwanifemi Testimony Bolaji Adeola Balogun Ekehinde, daughter of "Chief Adeola Balogun Ekehinde"...
Yes I was raped and yes by my dad and his friends, to complete a ritual process of him winning a chieftaincy chair. I love you mom,but you should have listened to me,some minutes of your time would have saved your daughter's life. Enjoy living as a "chief's wife" ,have a good life Chief  Adeola (dad?) You traded your daughter's life for a chieftaincy seat... Mr Awodu and Mr blood is on you two...
Chief Adeola was arrested alongside his accomplices,Mrs Tayo Adeola ran mad,out of abashment and regrets maybe.
if she only she'd listened to her daughter, if only this,if only that...but it was too late right??(THE END)
NOTE; what is killing or traumatising most rape victims in African and world at large is not having someone that understands them...people tend to judge them..
The victim is never at fault..!!!
And suicide is never the answer speak up!!!
~Actor and director Tyler Perry was raped by the mother of a childhood friend...
~Rapper and actress Queen Latifah was sexually abused by a babysitter as a child..
~Actress Grabrielle union was raped at age 19,at a store were she worked..
~Talk show host Oprah Winfrey was raped by a relative when she was just 9 years old..
~world famous Lady gaga was also raped at age 19 by her producer...
They all shared their stories to urge victims,to stop being victims but survivors...
If you let people see you as a victim or you keep seeing yourself as a victim,you will be stocked in your won't be able to move on...
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger...
To our African parents: sex education is not a bad idea,it is not immoral to give your children (the girl child especially) the sex education they need...most  girls have been abused by their school teachers, lesson teachers,neighbors and even relatives..because they most times lack the orientation about sex and thier from their mothers, who see it as an immoral act.. And please African parents be nice to your children, get to know them,be their friends...
where there is fear,there is no friendship..teach them how to respect you and not fear you they can open up to you .
And also,millions of men around the world have had rape experiences too,the fact that it is not very common in African,I feel traumatises And stigmatises most African men that have had these experiences..
Imagine what it feels like to be raped,now imagine being raped as a man by two men... Sickening right?
Yes it happens,some men might have had worst experiences of also have the right to speak up..

Support services for sexual abuse in Nigeria;
1)08155770000_08176275695 (The mirable center)
2)08008008001_07007007001(The cee yara foundation)
3)08023331036_08058207164(Media concern initiative)
4)*6820#_08137960048(Lagos state domestic and sexual violence response team)

Helplines for suicide in Nigeria:

Written by; Blessing Jacob