The Future

The future is so unpredictable, With lots of situations thrown around, Rising around of good and bad, With which man got to live with.

Growth as a child is fun filled, With all needs on desk achieved, Stages after stages, The young shall grow instills.

As the sense of responsibility flows, The feel that one gets old retunes, Time wishing to be friendly, But lost the quality of patience, The struggle just begun.

The soul been conquered by thoughts, Quest for money impeaches, Just as lots of opportunity arises, The choice to pick from good and bad remains.

zeal of achieving quick inflicts the mind, purchase of patience’s virtue diminishes, For those with such virtue, The thoughts of lacking behind overwhelms, Comparing self with others.

As some involves in wrongs, Getting deeds done, To climb high the ladder, The purpose of life lost.

Forgetting the man death, Could steal away patience virtue, The master mind of the future.

Our time zones are different, Has now become a mystery, From the roof top I proclaim, Our reverence for God life purpose.

Written By: Imaeruaka Nzubechukwu Joseph (zuby aka inbuilt-wisdom)