He was barely in 300level when he heard of the death of his father

He was the first and only son who his family hoped would see farther;

Farther than the coffin which his father rushed to like his lover's bed

For while death made him cum, he embraced it like a lover bird;

Leaving his wife and children a victim of his mortality.

And this of course caused her a lot of brutality

As she lay in her hospital bed aided with oxygen like a decayed vegetable

With plethora of medicines without name stacked neatly on her sick table.

How will the doctor request for 15 million Naira? Her son on the floor asked in tears

Only God hears his fears and knows the amount of years it will take to gather this from his peers.

And just when he thought he had gathered the money and all was done,

A call came through from his uncle; " Hello David, Mama is gone "

He just sat there and smiled

Smiled at the fateful cruelty of life

And on the day of her funeral, David is seen beside a dustbin

Maybe cursing the dust he was made of

And when it was his turn to pour her trip of sands,

He tripped and landed in her grave just to know how it sounds

His action sure caused a lot of commotion

Maybe, just maybe this was the only way of pouring out his own emotion.

Words from a bleeding pen