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  • Divisions, What Caused it! By Abdulwahab Adebowale Ashimi

    He chuckled as I choked due to the quantity of pepper I swallowed and he said 'Fake Yoruba'
    'Moron! Is that your Sorry?' My eyes Rolled

    I don't have a Girlfriend, I said and She smiled yoruba demons can't be trusted..

    Generalization saddens everybody..

    Religion separated us they say, but when you see how the pagans, Muslims, Christians, atheists and other feast together in the south western end of the nation(Lagos).
    You would call out on stupidity and stab it.

    Race Disconnected us they say,  but then you watch pilgrims rejoicing together as they migrate the two said holiest lands around the Eastern part Of the world.
    You would call on Stupidity and Pride and Shoot them

    Politics divided us, they say but I still traded with a guy from an opposition party a day ago..
    Call on hatred and Slay it!

    Wealth classified us they say, as if I don't see the way Justice Balami played with the 'mai ruwa boys in his area', eat from their place and be joyful with them, how he often dressed like them..
    Call on Arrogance and tell it to be Humble..

    These are what has separated us, Divided us, disconnected us, Classified some, and Generalized even Some..

    Be Awoken Brothers and Sister..
    Fight the real Evils in you!
    Ire ooo.


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