We have come again to his sanctuary
Where he lays to state his female members like in a mortuary
Plunging into their sinful world with his skin rod
Muttering those chapters of the Bible which he knew wrong
Her legs widely spread on the awe tar like a rumour
Of course, this paradise he saw before him gave him instant brain tumour.
This is the story of Pastor Bishop
Who steals church funds just to secure his Bitch's shop.
Money from the sweats of a poor bricklayer
He has used in cementing the brick to lay her.
Promising us an unsure paradise in heaven
While he created his own paradise here in this earthly haven
Changing his car from a Peugeot to a Hilux
While we blindly rush to him to Heal us.
He has finally turned religion into a real legion
Where prophet of dooms like him perpetrate hideous crimes and real ills join
Becoming dreaded robbers in broad day light
Under the guise of a black robe and the Holy Bible which is highly appealing in our sight.
And I have sworn that if he should be the only holy Sunday school teacher there is,
I will never go to church so helly.

Words from a bleeding pen