Loose me! Loose me! From the bondage of ignorance and stupidity, from the uncertainty of loosing my identity. Loose me from the case of slavery. Set me free from the chains of inferiority
Which I'm subject unto by the western world

I am black and I want to be proud of it, I do not want to be subjected under bondage of not accepting my identity.
I am black and I hold the key of happiness through entertainment, poetry and innovation.

Free me from the European mentality. They told me not to marry more than one wife, that is bad but building nuclear weapons and guns is good. They told me to stop taking herbal medicine instead I should take pills. They kill my identity for theirs
Them ask me girls to cover up all them nakedness so that they can sell all their fabrics and fashion to us in other to build them economy but why did they declare a braless day if what them preach about clothing's are all correct.

They tell me girls now to put on minis and under wear and call them designers. Them say they can wear it and walk about freely now so to show case what them gat. Why tell them now? before, them show case you asked them to cover up, now you asking them to show case.

The truth is that they made us forget out fashion and culture, they took it away from us, merchandise it and now they brought it back to us to buy. They ride me girls up and down like they think we all gat no brains.

Them ask us to chase all our local vigilante away and declare them illegal but they brought their own vigilante to us and tell us their the best, now you can see why police is your friend.

They discouraged my innovation and gave me theirs and they came back to tell me how bad my economy is and how good theirs is, but the truth is that they made my not sellable and theirs hot cake.

Where are the fela's, the Martin Luther king's, the Nelson Mandela's, gather together let's pull down this ignorance in the black man's heart

Never again with they make me feel inferior, when they look at me and call me nig**r, I look at them and call them albino. I can work under the sun without harm but they can't, less their skin burns

Loose me from the chain of ignorance, for the truth is not longer hidden from me instead I am hiding from it.

A good man i am, for so Long they put me in awe. My love I forgot, my heart I disown. Suddenly I now remember who I am

I am black! I am African! I am free!

©️ Charlesdonald O Freeman for CfCmovement