The beauty of your face is muse i have come to know
A sight sets my pen on a voyage through silent papers;
Testifying of your beauty, a beauty so pure.

Your eyes tells a thousand tales
Tales which transports men into a land of fantasy when they read
Tales that makes one wants to live.

Your beautiful melanin skin brings back memories
Memories of the beautiful African queens
Memories of the long lost beautiful daughters of the west who didn't pay to be white.

When i heard your voice, it reminded me of nightingale's sweet song
So soothing and real
It makes me want to take you under the tree at the footpath leading to the village square
There we shall sit, and you sing
While i stare at your face and write poems.

Writing a poem in glory of your beauty is an insult
An anthology should be written and titled “IFE”;
Your name written beautifully on the covers with the fanciest of fonts.j