"Guy! How far, when you dey come to Lagos?" That was the first thing I heard when I picked the call. It was Fisayo and we have agreed I come to Lagos for the next phase of planning to better our lives.

I am David Lein Victor, I am in my early twenties, tall, fair in complexion and many people claim I must have been born overseas because of my look. I actually do not make that to get to my head because I am Nigerian by heart.

"Bros, he no easy o, I hardly have time for myself, you understand now, but I go show shaa," I said while glancing at the document on my desk. I just finished printing a 31-page seminar topic and I had no clue on which aspect to focus on on the day of defence.

November 14, 2018.

"Hello, I go soon reach Berger o, but the driver say make I reach Oshodi unto say na there I go get Ikeja on time," I said to Fisayo even after getting frustrated by the Carlcare agent who just called me to come pick my mobile phone after I already leave for Lagos.

"Okay na, no problem, when you reach Oshodi just enter Ikeja then stop for Ikeja along bus stop, then ask for medical road, I go pick you up."

Well, I got to Oshodi and I couldn't understand why the street of Oshodi is endowed with dust, humans chanting vulgar languages, humans chanting name of places, tattered yellow buses and there's a  huge long bus I saw which Lagos people call 'BRT BUS'. "So na the Lagos be this, chaii!" I actually said that loud, very loud.

I get on the BRT bus to get to Ikeja along bus stop and the kind of heavy traffic on the road can be likened to a soldier of ant marching without a break. Just imagine Lagos, see the traffic, I even get to notice that most of the yellow buses are Volkswagen old model bus. Yes, that's how sensitive I can be!

Anyways, I got to Ikeja and located Medical road and I saw my man coming toward me and smiling wide like I just arrived from heaven with the host of angels by my side. I mustn't forget to say I bought a chill bottle of coke to calm my system, I actually did that so as not get my intestine roasted by the unknown weather of Lagos.

We got to his office (Imate Apple Store), and we couldn't get to talk much because he was fixing an iPhone. I only browsed with his phone to keep my self-busy and when it was 6pm, we left for Ogba together.

The journey to Ogba that night was an adventure I won't be able to put down on this episode. That night was mad, very mad.