"Make we waka reach Shoprite then we go get Keke to enter Ogba," he said to me in a tone I found sounding pitiful. The traffic on that evening was too deep, we couldn't even get a bike and when we come across any bike man who is with no passenger, we would say "oga Ogba, name your price." Even with the name your price tag on our lips, no bike was ready to convey anyone, not even in the traffic.

We got to Shoprite, together with Assumpta who's a model, she actually came to Ikeja to collect her iPhone from Fisayo but because of the traffic, she had to stay back at Allen waiting for us.

"Guy wetin dey house, I dey hungry die," I said while reaching out for a bottle of coke. We bought some raw food and I mustn't forget to tell you that one of the female security at the entrance after collecting our belonging ask I buy something for her. I actually bought a chocolate but I couldn't give it to her because another person collected it. She was laughing, holding my hands while looking at me straight in the eyes, I had to say to her "abeg wait, calm down first make I find you something," I dipped my hand into my pocket and handed to her a two hundred naira note with laughter then she handed to me my belongings. Just look at how swift the trade by barter went even if the two items involved belongs to me. Lagos is mad!

"If you fail to visit me, I'll beef you for a long time," I jokingly said to Esther. Esther is a friend, she is into marketing, decoration and event planning. A lot of people around would have thought we are in a relationship because of the closeness but we are just friends, not just friends, disciplined friends.

She actually came around, she met with Fisayo, we talked on diverse situations and that day was actually a blessed one as we never forget to capture some of the moments.

November 16, 2018.

"Guy e no easy o, see CCCSP for my head, see JCCF, see Press Club, I just tire sef." Those were my words, I was trying to balance the thoughts that were running through my mind that night. I and Fisayo were actually talking about the days we were not together and we shared a lot, we talked about how life has beaten us, how life has tried to shape us into the being we never wish to be. We talked about the challenges and how God has really helped us to stay focused and determined.

I remembered that night, during the Reunion week, where I was called out as the President of my fellowship (Celestial Church of Christ Student's Parish), I remembered how I shook my head because I know what the next phase of my life will entail.

I remembered how I was called out on that Sunday morning, at the sports complex of Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti, during the Joint Christian Campus Fellowship handing over programme as the General Secretary of the Christian body on campus. I remembered vividly!

Lagos was actually cool as I got to connect with Adejumoke, some of the Purposeful Parenting Africa members, Abraham and other people. But I'll talk about this experience in the next episode until then, keep digesting this one.