November 24, 2018.

"I am Davidlein. I am a creative and a content writer, a public speaker and a personal development and leadership coach. I help individuals, brands and businesses develop compelling content strategies that will boost their businesses and I provide personal development and leadership guidance to individuals," I said while introducing myself to the Purposeful Parenting Africa members during the meet and greet programme.

I attended an event with Adejumoke at CUCRID hall, Covenant University, Sango Ota, Ogun state and the experience on that Saturday was a great one. It was a youth empowerment program, an initiative of Abraham who's also the founder of Young Breed Africa.

I already made up my mind to pay Adejumoke a visit anytime I'm in Lagos because she's a wonderful teen coach who's very passionate about teenagers, an editor, a proofreader and a storyteller. Our working relationship is so superb that I never wish I disappoint her and her brand.

We talked about her brand with a focus on the meet and greet event and she said to me "David, you'll be the anchor of our meet and greet programme next Saturday oo, please don't leave Lagos yet." My mind was already calculating a lot of things because I already plan I'll leave Lagos during one of the weekdays. But I had to stay behind for Purposeful Parenting Africa because I already crave to be part of the story, who doesn't want to be part of something great?

They all sat on the mat while introducing themselves one after the other, and I was very happy I was connecting with parents who have vast knowledge in their various field of expertise.

After the introduction, Mr Dare gave an amazing presentation on ARM, such wonderful insight should never elude any parent who wishes to cater excellently for their children as regard education.

"You should know Emeka Nobis," Michael asked, we were in a very deep conversation concerning the world of literature, getting our brand known, life-changing programmes and how like minds can connect to create something of value, something that will help the generations to come.

"Of course, I know him, he's actually an expert in his field, he's currently in Abuja for his programme and one thing I found amazing is that he actually resigned from his job to chase his passion."

Micheal took some cool photographs of the moments and together, all members of PPA at the event had a wonderful long chat.

"Guy you dey office ba?" I asked Fisayo over the phone.

"Yes, I dey."

"I dey come soon so we go follow go house."

Together with Adejumoke, Bimbo, Michael and I, we get on the bus to Ikeja, 'under bridge'. But something happened on our way to the bus stop and I don't want to talk about it on this episode because it's a scene that's somehow hard to narrate. Nevertheless, I'll do well to narrate it to you on the next episode.