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  • FreezinPaul's Glow In The Dark: This Is Not A Poem by Yusuf Balogun Gemini

    FreezinPaul's Glow In The Dark: This Is Not A Poem.

    Paul Njoku, popularly regarded as FreezinPaul is much more beyond your normal, average poet. It is not flattery when I claim this man needs to be celebrated for he has consciously or unconsciously broken the barriers of the art and set a limit of entertainment into poetry - breaking beyond your normal, rigid art taught in classes. Paul combines humor with expertise, the extremity he goes with wordplays and logical puns is something to chest out kudos for! As if that wasn't enough, he dropped a hit work of all times "Glow In The Dark" in 2017, particularly on his birth date.

    At the first listen, I knew there was something iconic and unusual about that work. Maybe the fact that I couldn't get my ears off it, no matter how hard I tried or the resounding truth that this work still seems fresh upon twenty listens in a night. Words have powers, we all should know that — words can make magic unfold but personally, I have never been a lover of motivational or inspirational talks. The anger that boils up in me whenever these people who most times never met in their early sphere of life yet come around and tell a striking, over fed cliche "If you want to do it, you can do it". Not all doors are meant to be opened, a simple fact discredited by motivational scholars. With this strong apathy borne out of nothingness in my mind, Paul's Glow In The Dark threw me off balance — it was much more than inspirational yet much heavier than a poem would be.

    Every work of art is created by a trigger (refer to as muse) but I'm sure what came over Paul while writing this piece was an unusual muse, one every scribe would actually wish to be possessed by even if it's once in their lifetime! Not many have this privilege, I don't know what happening or situational connection led to "Glow In The Dark" but I can bet the writer didn't foresee a poem coming on the way when he dusted his notes. For a work that might find it quite difficult to cut through a slam onto the next round, if literarily analyzed — might be found wanting of some necessary poetic - conjunctive devices yet unarguably evergreen, remain atop every other poetry productions yet in the same class or as the case might be, Glow In The Dark is a fire cracker! This is heavier than a poem yet lighter than art, this is more than a poem! This is true art! This is magic!

    While many argue that Paul Henry is fond of inspirational productions, I do not know what his defense might be to that argument but definitely wanting to learn. All in all, Glow In The Dark actually lived up to the name and glowed at a period when poetry was definitely finding its way out of the dark. I suppose the quote of Micheal Faraday applies to this particular work, in which he cited:
    “I am no poet, but if you think for yourselves, as I proceed, the facts will form a poem in your minds”.

    Even while I drop this pen, Glow In The Dark blare within the speakers of my phone.

    I will leave you wanting with some resonating lines from this masterpiece...

    “If your passion makes them hash tag you an imbecile, grab the mic and keep spitting on it...
    be the difference...
    stand out...
    glow in the dark like a candle...
    do what no one can do...
    be that candle that never stops to kindle..."

    On repeat.

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