Letter to the moon

O' Crescent Moon,
Excuse me if I talk too much,
My blabbings must be a bore.
I dare say I know that listening is a chore.
Just for tonight,
Let me trap you in a trance of my soulful words
My captivity holds no bondage
Just an excess of tears and sad tales

I try to fight for my freedom
My sanity, My reasoning
In the same vain wanting to live a life
Not trapped behind these plastered walls and terraces
A life as free as air
Moving with the wind
Not caring about the little things
Like the loud bang of the alarm clock to wake up
The feint 'ching' of coins in my piggy bank
The burden of a querying mother,
The pressure of a wanting father.

I need an inbuilt haven in my head
I want to move and feel the world spin
Not knowing if my next breath would be my last
Knowing that for a moment i'd let go of my past,
And that when it all fades.
Would I sing the hallelujahs in heaven?
Or would I scream while I drown in agony of my own fears
Would I be at peace?

The blades don't seem sharp enough
Are my tissues immune?
The ropes had been tighter
My only friend lives miles away
Smiling broad and brightly down to an hurting friend.
Do thou mock me?

Goodnight from earth, My round fren'
I'll see you in another revolution
If the world still still finds this being worthy enough,
And maybe next time when we talk I'll smile and won't look this fluff.

In the dark night my thoughts had seemed louder
In the day I was just another Nigerian stranger

*drops pen*