Once I was a little girl
holding love to a warm
heart, cause I had mama
and papa all to myself.
Soon darkness came at
noon and ruled like the sun.

With tears streaming down
my pretty angelic face, I
closed my eyes and imagined
mama and papa holding hands
again. I was too little like a
mustard seed, so they thought.

But oh, how I understood the
mountain that stood like an
evil giant, that made papa to
squeeze mama's neck, until she
gasped for breath. They turned
strangers before my very eyes.

It was strange, for papa was
once a good man, but that evil
mountain like a giant, did turn
papa's heart into a rock. A rock
that felt nothing and had no
more love to give.

My heart broke on one cold
morning, at their raised voices.
Mama was heart broken, I could
see it in her eyes and watch the
broken pieces fall from her eyes.

Papa was not papa anymore, his
eyes became the red scarf mama
wore to church on Sabbath. I
watched in confusion when papa
threw mama's bag out the door
and watched aunt Lauretta walk
in and planted a kiss on papa's cheek.

Kicking mama's bag the more
out of the door. But Lauretta was
mama's friend whom papa never
liked. While I broke down in tears
calling out to mama, I tried to
understand why aunt Lauretta
betrayed mama.

"Oh aunt Lauretta, such an evil
you are!" no one cared about
me no more, mama was gone
and love became a strange word.


© Joy Okwori