These theology of tranquility which everyone treasures
Is the reason for treason and so much pressure
Our rabbis and teachers preach of blessings forever more
If the poor comply and honor their god of war

Filled with hatred and envy, the steadfast shedding of blood
Of those who are helpless, those who are hurt
Legions are slaughtered for their so called "god"
The guiltless are condemned, with no redemption at all

Others take to suicide just to secure
A spot in that land promised forever more
Turning to beasts and hungry murderers
They swear to follow their leader's very orders

Any child brought to the mullah is taught to hate
And told that it is its destiny, its divine fate
They go ahead and spoil it's mental state
Crying 'Allahu Akbar' becomes it's weary fate

All these destructions, all these war
All these killing and shedding of blood
Is because we haven't yet been cured
From our Ancient Curse, Religion.