My country, once
healthy green, is turned
a sick brown. My
country long time
ago, was a rose blooming,
now it is withering.
Daily, billions pledge to
serve this fatherland of
theirs, only when it's
rewarding and causing
their pockets to swell.
At the swell of their
pockets, dubious men
make them choose
wrong over right.
My country I once
envisaged to be the
backbone of Africa
but the back bone is
getting bent and this
giant is turned a dwarf.
Proud dubious handicaps
takes this land on a drive
down a rickety road.
Economy is whacked.
My country rips off her
golden garment to be robed
with insurgency, religion,
tribalism and ethnicity.
She weeps as a thorny
crown of corruption
bruises her head. Her
people have bruised
togetherness, the wounds
are so deep, that healing
flees. Her lantern has gone
dim, her light is barely seen
by strangers, her name is
like a rotten fruit, strangers
rather not perceive.
Oh my country, where is
thy pride? Where is thy
beauty, crown and name?
You are diminishing and
my hope is vanishing
Oh that your unborn
children may have a
taste of your former
Roar Nigeria!
Rise Nigeria!

™Joy Okwori
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