The African Question

What does it mean
To be African?
Such an immortal question
Words cannot answer it
Yet alas
It is felt
In the sunsets of the Sahara
By the animals of the savannah
In the evergreens of our forests
To the rockies of our plateau
The answer flows
From the Niger to the Zambezi
In the heat of the Sahel
You will know it
When it hails in the Jos
You will feel it
In the Gangan beats
You will hear it
And from the tapings of the Bata
In the blowing of our Kaakaki
And the swaying of our Shekere
It lies in all of their rhythm
The little infant knows it
Suckling quietly at the ebony flesh
Of Mama’s bosom
Being African
To be or not to be
Lies in us
Wakanda Forever!!!

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